Meta-Chrome takes care of maintaining the confidentiality of Your information. This document describes the accepted rules for the use of personal data that you enter on the pages of this site and related projects. Use the site “Meta-Chrome”, by providing your personal information through the website “Meta-Chrome” or offline methods, You agree to this privacy Policy.

Administration “Meta-Chrome” may review and change the privacy Policy to reflect changes in legislation or in the rules of this site. Therefore, to be aware of the current policy, you must periodically re-read the privacy Policy and, if you do not agree with the new rules, send a written refusal to the administration “Meta-Chrome”.

1. Consent to the use of personal data

By staying on the pages of this site, filling out and submitting forms on this site and related projects, You give your consent “Meta-Chrome” for collection, processing, and transfer to agents and partners “Meta-Chrome” your personal data in accordance with Federal law. Consent is provided for the purpose of improving the quality of services “Meta-Chrome”, the ability to contact You and fulfill obligations for the services provided. This consent is given by You and becomes effective from the moment you first visit this site and is valid for the entire duration of the existence of this site or until your written refusal. The list of data that this site can collect (all or each separately): email, phone, first name, last name, patronymic, gender, address, date of birth, photo, links to personal sites and profiles in social networks, geolocation, payment details, passport data, contacts, ip address, browser type and operating system data, behavioral data, search queries.

2. General description

Since this privacy Policy applies only to the rules Meta-Chrome, it does not describe the privacy policy of suppliers, third-party web services or business partners “Meta-Chrome”, even if you got to their sites from the sites “Meta-Chrome” or in any way provided them with personal information. Visiting other sites or providing any form of personal information to other companies is at Your risk and is not governed by this privacy Policy, even if the sites or other sources of information of these companies are marked with a logo “Meta-Chrome”. To learn about the privacy measures of any suppliers or business partners “Meta-Chrome”, which link sites “Meta-Chrome” or who refer to You should read the privacy policies of these companies in writing or by phone. This privacy Policy applies only to information collected on the sites “Meta-Chrome”, at events Meta-Chrome, by email, in writing, by phone, or by other means that it may use Meta-Chrome, including when you place orders on partner sites Meta-Chrome, which transmit your personal information “Meta-Chrome”. Before providing any personal information, we recommend that you read the relevant privacy statement of the sites and companies requesting this information.

3. Collecting personal information

The terms of confidentiality apply to your personal information received from you through the websites of Meta-Chrome, as well as in writing or by phone. Personal information includes information such as last name, first name, patronymic, postal address, email address and phone number, and may also include the type of request and any additional information that you provide to Meta-Chrome. The information you provide is used by Meta-Chrome to notify You about our products and services and to improve the quality of these products and services. In addition to personal information, Meta-Chrome collects IP addresses, General information about the user and the browser type. This data is used to administer and improve the websites of Meta-Chrome, monitor their use, improve the quality of services, and for security and monitoring purposes.


We may use your personal information for various purposes in accordance with this privacy Policy. If you do not want us to disclose information in this way, do not provide us with your personal information. Without your consent, Meta-Chrome will not use your personal information for purposes other than those listed in this document. In addition, Meta-Chrome will not transfer your personal information to third parties. Disclosure of information takes place within ” Meta-Chrome “and in companies that provide their services to ” Meta-Chrome”. By agreeing to this document, you agree that Meta-Chrome may transfer your personal information to employees, agents, partners and contractors of Meta-Chrome who, for business reasons, want to legally access Your personal information. With your consent, Meta-Chrome may share your personal information with external contractors or agents who help us manage our own. Meta-Chrome may disclose personal information in cases established by the current legislation of the Russian Federation and when it is necessary to protect the legal rights of Meta-Chrome, as well as when requested by the administrative authorities of the Russian Federation.


Meta-Chrome may use your personal information to contact You about products, services, promotions, discounts of Meta-Chrome or third-party companies that we believe may be of interest to You.


Meta-Chrome uses the necessary administrative, technical and physical measures to protect personal information in its possession from loss, theft and unauthorized use, disclosure or forgery. Employees, agents and contractors of Meta-Chrome have access to personal information only to the extent justified by legal business grounds for obtaining such access. Meta-Chrome cannot guarantee the confidentiality of Your use of the sites of Meta-Chrome and is not responsible for any damage that You (or any person) may suffer as a result of a violation of privacy when using the sites of Meta-Chrome or any information that You have transmitted to the sites of Meta-Chrome.


This site and other sites of Meta-Chrome may contain links to third-party sites that are not controlled by Meta-Chrome and are not covered by this privacy Policy, including web services, sites of partners and suppliers of Meta-Chrome, and so on. Meta-Chrome makes no warranty as to the accuracy of any information contained in any hypertext link to such sites. Any hypertext links to any other person or organization should not be interpreted as an endorsement by Meta-Chrome of the site, products or services of these persons or organizations.


Cookies are brief information transmitted by a website that is stored on your computer’s hard drive by your browser. They contain information that may be required by the site of Meta-Chrome or another site to interact with You and personalize Your work. Meta-Chrome uses cookies to identify your Internet browser and determine whether you have the necessary software installed to access certain site materials. The software on this site and other sites of Meta-Chrome also uses cookies to organize an interactive communication session during Your visit and to manage the load and access to the database. These cookies do not contain any personal information.


Upon your request, we will provide you with a statement of your personal information that you provided to Meta-Chrome, and we will take reasonable measures to exclude any incorrect personal information that you provide to us. If you ask Meta-Chrome to stop using the personal information provided by You, Meta-Chrome will comply with this request by retaining all records of Your personal information necessary to comply with applicable Federal or local laws.


If you would like to contact us about our privacy Policy or about the collection and use of your personal information by Meta-Chrome, check or correct your personal information, or opt out of any of our future communications, please contact the administration of this site at the contacts listed in the relevant sections.


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